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ReInHerit Webinar – How to make your museum ‘green’

  • June 30th 2023 from 3:00-4:00 pm CET
  • Facilitated by Ioanna Hadjicosti and Marios Valiantis Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Cyprus**.**
  • Free Registration is open until June 29th 2023 (3 pm) ** HERE **
  • The online webinar is limited to 50 participants on a first come, first serve basis. The webinar will be recorded and the recording video will be available in the resources section.

ReinHerit Webinars are aimed at cultural heritage professionals. They will consist of a how to guide for small and medium-sized museum and cultural heritage organizations that documents processes, provides instruction, technical requirements and best practices for co-creation and collaboration between museums and cultural heritage institutions.

The Webinars are organised in the context of the  Horizon2020 ReInHerit project, that aspires to disrupt the current status quo of communication, collaboration and innovation exchange between museums and cultural heritage sites, in a sense that it will connect cultural heritage collections and sites, and present Europe’s tangible and intangible heritage to citizens and tourists in their wider historical and geographical contexts. The ReInHerit project is proposing an innovative model of sustainable heritage management, through which a dynamic network will be born; this network comprises cultural heritage professionals, innovation and cultural heritage solution tech experts, researchers, national museums, regional and local museums, and representative managers of Heritage Label sites. 

About this webinar:

The aim of this webinar is to highlight the need for the cultural heritage sector to deal with important issues that are related to climate and environmental concerns. The speakers will present innovative sustainability and climate action practices that can be integrated into various aspects of museums, other cultural institutions and sites sustainability planning. The discussion examines and tries to explain the concept of ‘energy efficient’, ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’ museums. The aim is to assist professionals in the challenge they face in their climate action. Adapting a Green strategy will strengthen the quality of the environmental assessment procedure, align that procedure with the principles of smart regulation, and enhance coherence and synergies with EU legislation and policies.


Dr Ioanna Hadjicosti – Director of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and Coordinator of ReInherit H2020.She graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, with the BA in Greek Philology and the specialization of Classics. She studied with the Scholarship of the Institute of National Scholarships of Greece (Ι.Κ.Υ.). She then pursued her studies in Classics at University College London (UCL) where she was first awarded the MA in Classics, followed by the PhD for her thesis with the title Aischylos and the Trojan Cycle: The Lost Tragedies. Her research is multidisciplinary combining literature, theatre studies, archaeology and history and her research interests mainly include ancient drama and epic poetry. From 2007 to 2016 she worked at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation as the Curator of the Collection of Manuscripts and Rare Books.  As a result, Dr Hadjicosti has organized and managed a series of events, exhibitions, educational programs and conferences, while she has participated in several research programs concerning the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and edited a number of the Foundation’s publications. Since November 2016 she is the Director of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, having the responsibility to design and implement the new strategy, organize the yearly program of events and supervise the research programs of the Museums and Collections. She also participated herself as a researcher in various European programs receiving the Best Practice Award for the Grundtvig Workshop ‘Modern Views of Greek and Roman Antiquity’, by the Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig 2011-2012. She is currently acting 1) as the coordinator in the programme DIDAKTOR (Post-Doctoral Researchers) RESTART 2016-2020, Research Promotion Foundation: «Aspects of multi- confessionalism and human geography in early modern Cyprus from the Venetians to the Ottomans» (CyChrist) and 2) as the coordinator in the programme EXCELLENCE HUBS RESTART 2016-2020, Research Promotion Foundation: «Re-inventing age-old travel paths of the Levant: The example of Cyprus» (ReTraPath). She is currently the coordinator of the project “Redefining the future of cultural heritage, through a disruptive model of sustainability” funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004545.

Dr. Marios Valiantis is currently the Manager of the Enterprise Technology Portfolio & Service Delivery Department of the Bank of Cyprus. He is responsible for the management and operation of 4 major units: the Enterprise Technology Portfolio & Budget Management, the Demand Management & Project delivery, the Business Analysis and the Testing. The Department is under the technology and Operations Division and consists of 4 managers and a staff of 50 people. Dr Valiantis reports directly to the Executive Director of Technology and Operations.  As of November 2021, Dr Marios Valiantis has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Natural Gas Public Company Cyprus (CyGas-DEFA) and the Natural Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA), and in October 2022 he has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Natural Gas Public Company Cyprus. Dr Valiantis held the position of the President of the National Technical Committee CYS/TC22 Hydrocarbons from June 2017 to June 2020 and in September 2014 he was appointed Vice President of the Cyprus Energy Strategy Council by the President of the Republic of Cyprus until September 2019.  Prior to joining Bank of Cyprus in 2017, Dr Valiantis held the positions of the Associate Dean of the School of Business and the Director of the Centre for Green Development and Energy Policy at the University of Nicosia. He was an Associate Professor of Environment, Transportation and Energy and he served as the Head for the Energy, Oil, Gas and Environmental Management Academic Programmes and the Associate Head of the Department of Management and MIS at the same University. Dr Valiantis has developed the undergraduate and graduate programmes of Energy, Oil and Gas Management and Environmental and Energy Management at the University of Nicosia. In 2017, Dr Valiantis was a visiting professor at the Cyprus University of Technology at the Department of Management and Economics. Dr Valiantis was also the key contact representing Cyprus in Europe (Brussels) for research related with the Transportation Sector under the Horizon 2020 framework from 2013 to 2018.  Dr Marios Valiantis also worked in the Consultancy area in the United States and United Kingdom, and he held the position of the Director of Projects at the AEA Group (Atomic Energy Authority) in Oxford UK. Dr Valiantis has worked on more than 100 projects in the fields of environment, transportation, energy and digitisation and has been a speaker in more than 150 conferences and events. He has many publications and has supervised more than 40 students at all levels (PhD, Master, and Bachelor). He frequently writes articles in the local press and has been regularly invited to local radio and TV.